Beaver Springs May 28-29
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We are a group of friends and racers united for one purpose: Promoting nostalgia drag racing in the mid-Atlantic region.
Our members are as varied as their cars. They come from all walks of life, but race as one group. At our races you will find friendship and comradery, instead of cutthroat competition Don’t misunderstand - when two cars pair up at the starting line, the competition is real - each person wants to win - but it ends at the finish line.
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A successful, fun opening day for MANDRA! The weather was great, the track was great and the racing was too. MANDRA had 19 cars on hand at Atco Dragway for the first race of the 2022 season. Drivers must have been practicing their starting line routine as there were several .00 reaction times in time trials with Pete Boyer getting the first round bye run with a .002.

In the first round Irvin Johnson had a .001 reaction time to win his round and new member Kevin Cox had a perfect .000 light.

Second round saw a very unusual situation when Rob Maulick and new member Walter Adams, running in separate pairs, had perfect reaction times. The driver who ran closest to his dial-in got the bye run in the next round.

In round three Rob Maulick defeated Dave Fenzel, Jamie Reichert advanced past Ray Bloom and Walter Adams had the bye run because of his perfect light in the previous round.

Semi-finals pitted Rob Maulick against Walter Adams with Walter red lighting his chances away only to find Rob broke his transmission on his 18.69 run. Jamie Reichert had the bye run into the finals due to his .007 reaction time in the previous round.

This set up a final between Rob Maulick and Jamie Reichert, Rob could not make the call to the finals due to the transmission damage giving Jamie a bye run for the win.

All the racers in the consolation race looked like they were winners with great reaction times and running very close to their dial-ins. In the first round Mark Santee won over Kevin Cox with a 10.39 on his 10.38 dial-in. Kevin had his worst reaction time of the day but ran right on his dial-in. Merritt Snyder defeate John Harris in a close race and Mike Volpe had a beautiful bye run with an .040 light and running on his number.

Round two saw Mark Santee take out Mike Volpe, Mark left the line with a .003 light to Mikes .010, but the win was decided by a double break out with Marks 10.33 on a 10.37 dial-in compared to Mikes 10.40 on a 10.45 dial-in.

The consolation race final was Mark Santee vs Merritt Snyder, Mark left the line first with an .054 reaction time, Merritt followed with an .030, at the finish line Merritt ran 10.29 on a 10.27 dial-in and Mark ran too quick with a 10.32 on a 10.34 dial-in, giving Merritt the win.

Sunday was a fun day of racing, Atco is always a great racing experience, everyone was glad to be back at the track and looking forward to Beaver Springs in two weeks.

Have a great week.
Winner - Jamie Reichert
Runner-up - Rob Maulick
Semi's - Walter Adams

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Points Champion - Marc English
Points Runner-up - Mark Santee
Points Third Place - Randy Campbell
Best Appearing Car - Brian Wallace
Rookie of the Year - Jack Stump
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